We invest in the future

DB offers its customers first-class mobility and logistics solutions

 Investment in the future

We are determined that a company’s success means more than just economic performance. For this reason we want to strike a balance between economic, social and environmental pillars.

Deutsche Bahn aims to be a profitable market leader and DB Cargo, as the Transportation and Logistics Division of the Deutsche Bahn Group, will play a key role.

Two strategic areas will ensure the Group reaches this goal: growth and profitability as well as a consistent customer and quality orientation.

Profitable growth and our consistent focus on customers and quality are the key strategic areas that will allow us to maintain this position.

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The company’s growth and profitability are fundamental for long-term success, and the two must go hand in hand. With its healthy financial foundation and good economic performance, DB Cargo is in a position to invest in new positions, its employees’ expertise and new business, which in turn enable it to continue to grow. These investments are necessary to be able to assert and further expand our market position as the leading transportation and logistics company.

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DB Cargo already has leading market positions in all market segments – European rail freight and land transport, air and ocean freight, and contract logistics. Before it can build on these positions, it must improve profitability by modernizing the IT landscape and expanding new high-margin products. DB Cargo will increasingly shift the focus of its growth activities to newly industrialized and developing countries to take even greater advantage of fast-growing markets.