CHANGE in the Management of DB Cargo Russija

Portrait Olga Snigur

Article: CHANGE in the Management of DB Cargo Russija

On September 1st, 2020, Mrs. Olga Snigur will take over as General Director of LLC DB Cargo Russija, with the office in Moscow.

The subsidiary of Deutsche Bahn AG in Russija has been active as a rail freight forwarder in the broad gauge 1520 area and as an operator in the corridor between Europe and Asia for more than two decades.

"Olga Snigur is a very experienced manager, who will continue the company’s successful development consistently as the new head of DB Cargo Russia. With a tenfold increase in business volume since 2015, DB Cargo Russija has shown how important and growable the rail freight market in the 1520 area is” explained the former General Director, Mr. Uwe Leuschner. As Managing Director of the German holding company DB Cargo Eurasia GmbH, as of now he will focus on the further expansion of corridor traffic between China and Europe.